Hopkins Oil Co. Inc.
5211 Trademark Drive
Raleigh, N.C. 27610

Office: (919) 833-5757
Fax: (919) 833-8122

    Welcome to Hopkins Oil

    Hopkins Oil Company, Inc. has been serving the Triangle area for over 60 years with a tradition of customer service.

    We provide the highest quality petroleum products, when you want them and at a price you can afford. Providing heating oil is how Hopkins Oil began back in 1946.

    T.A. “Mack” Hopkins started this company with a 275-gallon tank on the back of a pickup, a gasoline pump and a coil of hose.

    Hopkins Oil has since grown to a full service petroleum products company, fulfilling all of your gas, oil, and lubricants needs.

    We now have a modern fleet of specialized delivery trucks to provide fuel solutions for all of your company’s needs including transports, mobile fueling or “wet hosing”, storage tanks on site and a fleetcard. Our “Watchdog Service” includes a wirelss tank monitor for all commercial tanks, fuel and lubricants, affording our customers perfect, no-run-out service.

    Our People

    We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

    Operations Manager
    Sidney Edmonson: anchors Driver Team, coordinates all deliveries

    Larry Hopkins: credit, sales

    Terri Kelly-Hopkins: payroll, healthcare plan

    Senior Accountant
    Doug Hammer & Mary Ann Kheilholz: bank drafts, balance sheet

    Administrative Assistants
    Chris Duvall: A/P posts all delivery invoices, prices

    Robin Costa: A/R

    Robin Costa: A/R receptionist

    Driver Team:

    • Glenn Alford
    • Wallace Mangum
    • Bobby Wall
    • Joe Privette
    • Gary Baldwin
    • Sean Donnelly
    • Carolyn Mills
    • Matt Dragg
    • Afshin Jahromi
    • Donald Bailey