Gasoline and Diesel Prices


Good morning,


Gasoline prices at the average rack are up 1.2 cents today. Diesel fuel prices are down 6/10ths of a cent. Prices are:


UNLEADED     $2.0646

PLUS              $2.1030

PREMIUM       $2.1977

ULS                $2.0730

ULS RD          $2.0713


Crude oil closed at $76.98/barrel yesterday and is presently trading down to $74.13.

I am posting these daily price notifications on my website, but you won’t see them unless you log  in then you will see Pricing Updates in list on the left hand column. The website is



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OUR CAM2 15W-40


Some of my customers have asked me about our CAM2 truck oils. There are only three approved additive packages available today. We have our oil custom blended by Allegheny Petroleum in Pennsylvania. We buy through CAM2 because we get a better price. They start with a quality base oil and then blend in the additive package which happens to be Infinium. Infinium is owned by Exxon and Shell. If you took Shell Remula and Mobil Delvac and our CAM2 15w-40 and ran an oil analysis on them, then you could not tell the difference. But my CAM2 costs at least a dollar less than either of them. And for the same price as the Exxon or Shell we add a lubricity additive that decreases the friction coefficient to about that of a pure synthetic. Less friction means an increase in fuel mileage of at least 3% and less wear on the engine plus extended drains of up to 30,000 miles. Murphy Brown has used this CAM2 SST product in their fleet of 350 CAT powered road tractors for the last eight years. If you have any doubts call Al Searles, President, at (910) 293-5370. I use the SST (lubricity product) in all of my delivery trucks, my Denali, my car, everything.


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-Larry H.


Today’s Diesel and Gasoline Prices


Good morning,


Gasoline prices jumped up 7.2 cents today. Diesel prices at the average rack in Selma are up by 7.2 cents also. Crude moved up about a $1 yesterday along with the Dow which was up over 100 points. Both are down at this time. Crude closed at $77.25 yesterday and is trading at $77.10 at this time. The Dow is down 44 points at this time. Prices are:


UNLEADED       $2.0528

PLUS                $2.0893

PREMIUM         $2.1869

ULS                  $2.0793

ULS RD            $2.0817


 I know that some of my customers got some business out of this snowfall, removing snow. I would imagine that some of my other customers had to pay others to remove the snow. I did something that I have not done in the last 40 years and that was sledding. I wanted to go over to one of the big hills but my son was reluctant since it was his first time so we stayed in the driveway. We had the traditional sled and then we had two ‘Mountain Boy’ sleds that Terri had bought from L L Bean on sale for half off. Those sleds are a work of art that could be hung on the wall plus they turn much sharper than the regular ones. We made Michael wear his hockey helmet as there are trees if one did not make the turn at the end of the drive and jumped the opposite curb. I tried sledding in the ‘luge’ position, face up, supine and guiding with my feet. That was a rush. I wish I had done that years ago.


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-Larry H.


Fixed Margin/Fixed Price

Fixed Margin Proposal

Hopkins Oil and Customer agree upon a payment price based upon a fixed margin, plus all taxes, plus the Average Rack Price at Selma, N.C. All Oil Companies change their rack prices each day at 6 p.m. for the following day. The Customer is e-mailed the Average Rack Price each morning determined by OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) as the source. Using an Excel formula that is provided, one can calculate the price that will be billed for that day by merely changing the first column which is the Average Rack Price. The formula does the rest.

For example:

Here are the Average Rack Price(s) sent out on February 2, 2010.

ULS (ultra low sulfur)  $2.0070 (on road fuel)
ULS RD (ultra low sulfur red dyed) $2.0050 (off road fuel)
UNLEADED (regular gasoline) $1.9806

After changing the Average Rack Price, your Excel Formula would look like this:


*MARGINS here are for small volumes with 30 day terms. Better pricing is arranged for larger volumes; quicker payment terms, and varies with equipment provided such as pumps, tanks, and monitors.
Freight would be added for out- of- the area deliveries, beyond 60 miles of Raleigh-Durham area.

Fixed Price
Contracts for Fixed Prices, Caps, and Collars are offered to large volume diesel fuel customers that are able to purchase multiples of 42,000 gallons per month per contract. Call Larry Hopkins for information on the contracts at his direct line: 919-534-2309.