Heavy Industrial/Fleet

Hopkins Oil went into the market place in serach of the very best high end motor oils, hydraulic oils and greases. In order to compete for National contracts, the major oils make a good product that just meets the manufacturers specifications.

15W-40 Motor Oils

Some of my customers have asked me about our CAM2 truck oils. There are only three approved additive packages available today. We have our oil custom blended by Allegheny Petroleum in Pennsylvania.

We buy through CAM2 because we get a better price. They start with a quality base oil and then blend in the additive package which happens to be Infinium. Infinium is owned by Exxon and Shell.

If you took Shell Remula and Mobil Delvac and our CAM2 15w-40 and ran an oil analysis on them, then you could not tell the difference. But my CAM2 costs at least a dollar less than either of them. And for the same price as the Exxon or Shell we add a lubricity additive that decreases the friction coefficient to about that of a pure synthetic. Less friction means an increase in fuel mileage of at least 3% and less wear on the engine plus extended drains of up to 30,000 miles.

Murphy Brown has used this CAM2 SST product in their fleet of 350 CAT powered road tractors for the last eight years.  I use the SST (lubricity product) in all of my delivery trucks, my Denali, my car, everything.

My 2004 Explorer has over 250,000 miles and is still not using any add oil.

— Larry Hopkins

CAM2 15W-40 L

The only product better than our 15W-40 is our CAM2 15W-40 with Lubricity or L product. This additive makes 15W-40L a semi-synthetic motor oil . When one compares the friction coeficients of Mobil 1 15W-40 and CAM2 15w-40, there is only minimal difference. This L product reduces engine wear and increases fuel mileage at least 3% on road vehicles. This more than pays for the motor oils. One obtains the benefits of a full synthetic at 1/3 the price. Needless to say, CAM2 15W-40 with Lubricity is the only oil that Hopkins Oil Co uses in our Fuel Depot truck fleet.

*The W in motor oil ratings does not stand for Weight but for Winter, or the cold crankding weight of the oil.


Our Hydracat product is formulated for all hydraulic systems but particularly for CAT equipment. Hydracat contains the high levels of zinc that CAT requires and avoids using the more expensive motor oils to achieve those Zinc levels. Hydracat has the added benefit that, in the presence of water, it does not form an emulsion as the motor oils would, and the water can be decanted off from the bottom of the tank. Hydracat meets all of CAT’s warranty requirements.

Bulk Grease Program






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Shell Gasoline

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ExxonMobil is proud of our technological heritage and industry leadership. As in the past and in the future, we will continue to provide you with products which surpass the competition. Take a look at our accomplishments.  More About ExxonMobile Quality (PDF)

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Mobil Gasoline

Unbranded Gasolines

  • Hopkins Oil Company can purchase Gasoline and Diesel Fuel from more than 12 different racks or independent oil companies at any time.
  • TRI-MART is Hopkins Oil Company’s own registered trademark and one must sign an exclusive contract in order to use it.
  • We make our choice of purchase according to which “rack” is cheapest that day. Most oil company prices change daily and are updated in our office by satellite. We can buy product as cheaply as anyone.
  • Stay Unbranded?
  • If you do not want to be branded or just want to call and compare prices with an existing store, please call first to set up an account to establish credit.
  • All credit accounts must be set up for EFT (electronic funds transfer) which means you will permit Hopkins Oil Company to settle automatically with your bank on the day of settlement.
  • All customers receive a fax or internet-settlement notice two days before the settlement.
  • Contact us for more information.

House Brands

fuel_depot_station_imageOur House Brands include FUEL DEPOT and TR-IMART, both trademarks are registered with the State of North Carolina and require a contract with a c-store before they can fly our flags. In exchange for buying exclusively with Hopkins Oil Co, the servie station can purchase gasoline from the cheapest oil company rack price available in your trade area.

Exxon Branding

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Shell Gasoline