Exxon Conversion


Conversion of a Competitive Brand

Become a Exxon Outlet

There are many great reasons to consider becoming an Exxon outlet:

  • The Exxon Mobil Credit Card
    |There are three main types of Credit Cards: The Personal, Business and Commercial Fleet cards. None cost the dealer anything to accept. 
  • Financial Assistance
    For those station owners who are presently branded, but would like to consider rebranding their facilities as Exxon outlets, there are moneys available to help you pay for your rebranding efforts.
  • Rebates
    After meeting all of Exxon’s image requirements, one can earn two cents per gallon per month for 36 months. This can be a 100% recovery of your costs if you have the volume of gallons to cover the upgrade, i.e. this is not a matching program.

    One must sign a contract and as part of that contract, you must agree to remain branded TExxon for ten years or return the help money.

  • MPD (Multi-Pump Dispenser) Incentive
    If one installs new dispensers with card readers then he can earn a rebate of 1/10 of a cent per gallon per dispenser up to 1.0cents per gallon for 36 months.

    This represents a 10 year commitment with a 100% payback for the first 5 years then a declining balance over the last 5 years.

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