Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

Prices finally slipped some. Gasoline is down 1.94 cents. Diesel fuel eased 1.85 cents/gallon. Crude is down 68 cents/ barrel to $58.09.

My poor opinion on the Middle East. Don’t allow our intermediate oil companies to be acquired by the majors because the majors are ghost members of OPEC. If that happens, prices will go back up through the roof. We have no business supporting Saudi Arabia. If they lose output then our intermediate oil companies will take their market share.

Go back to the original agreement with Iran. Let them pump oil, keeping the prices low for us, you and me. Say they get a nuclear bomb are they going to be the Moslem nation that nuked Saudi Arabia with the holiest sites of the Moslem religion, Mecca and Medina. I don’t think so. Maybe they  nuke Israel and they will kill as many Muslems as they do Israelis and will destroy Jerusalem with all its holy places for all religion including Muslems, but wait, Israel has nukes and Iran will disappear from the map. If Iran obtain nukes then Saudi will obtain them too, probably from Pakistan. Mutually assured destruction for all in the Middle East. Go for it. We get the hell out of there and let them go at it. We have plenty of oil.

Saudis are still sponsoring those very conservative mosques all over Pakistan. Pakistan is training the Taliban in these mosques , sending them out to kill our soldiers and the have a limitless supply. Make the best deal we can and get the hell out of there on the ground but fill the air with drones. Pakistan might donate radar to Afghanistan. We have drones with stealth ability. To emphasize the point, Saudi Arabia is our enemy not our good buddies. We are bribing Pakistan every year so we supposedly control their nukes. These guys were hiding Asama bin Laudin and we are giving them aid? Pakistanis hate us. We are not receiving their love.

North Korea, Kim is  a puppet of China. I would make it clear to China that any nuclear attack from North Korea would result in a full response on China from the U.S. or us. China hates our military all over front door. If they would agree to unit the two Koreas in a democracy then we would pull out of the area, gladly. It is very expensive. Kim would be put out to pasture.

We are playing into China’s hands by letting our corporations build their plants there. Let’s find another country or we will make China the greatest economic power in the world. The Chinese must think we are idiots because we are. Economic power translates into military power.


Let’s find other country’s to place our corporations manufacturing, the jobs that are so cheap they will never come back here. If we could works things out with countries in Central America, Jobs in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and even Nicaragua might solve our immigration problem on our Mexican border. Yes, some of those countries hate Yankees because we exploited them in the past. I am not impressed with Puerto Rico. They need to fish or cut bait. If they vote no on statehood again them remove all their U.S citizenship. The country is too corrupt. Let’s off statehood to Costa Rico, a democracy and thousands of our citizens live there. Invest in Costa Rico not China. If Venezuela goes democratic they would be an excellent choice, Cuba also. We would pull them back into our orbit with mutual benefits.

This would take ten years. We will have to cure our drug problem which is creating man y of the Central American and Mexico problems.

But what do I know, I am nobody, are you nobody too, then there’s a pair of us,

Don’t tell, they would advertise you know.