Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

How about those Carolina Panthers. And if you are a Tar Hell fan, that was a great game. Mack Brown said he loved being in the same conference with the National Champion because it helped with recruiting. Incidentally, my son, who goes to Clemson, predicted a score of 56 to 17, and the 17 for UNC would come only because Clemson plays all its 2nd and 3rd teams when they are well ahead. Surprise!

I think over the next ten years we should move out of China to countries where we make the rules on things like having to have a partner and forced to share intellectual property with that partner and then China steals it makes their own products and we are making them the greatest economic power. Vietnam and Southeast Asia is cheaper. I find it ironic that we fought such a bloody war with Vietnam not that many years ago and now they are a trading partner. All of Africa if we has safety and all rules, with respect to their environment, Central America could solve our border problem, but they must be safe.

I wonder who sold Iran those very accurate cruise missiles? I remember in the Falkland War, the French provided Argentina with Exocet cruise missiles.

Gasoline dropped 4.03 cents/gallon. Diesel fuel dropped 4.02. Crude took a huge drop of $1.76/barrel to $54.41. All good for us.