Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

I  saw something, this week, I have never seen in Raleigh. I saw a flock of about a dozen Snowy Egrets flying over my house. I have seen them off Southport but never here. A beautiful sight.

I have seen Oleander all over Bermuda. I have seen bougainvillea everywhere in Acapulco.  I think our plant here is crepe myrtle. It is beautiful and it blooms all summer. We have purple and pink and white, now cardinal red and lavender.  I wonder if someone has bred a yellow or orange color.

Tropical storm Bertha has formed up in the Caribbean and is supposed to march up the East Coast next week. It should be offshore of Hatteras Tuesday 2 p.m. Didn’t we already have a hurricane Bertha?

The dollar index against all the major world’s currencies is up to 81.3 cents. As I said before, I think it should worth a dollar. Dumb old me. Now that  the Fed has quit diluting the value of the dollar by printing currency. It should go straight up.

The Dow is down to 16,493, lost all gains for the year. No skin off my back. I got wiped out by the Great Recession. Small business is hurting. The big international corporations are the ones making record profits.  I think it would be really ironic if these companies that are stockpiling all this money off shore got bought up by non-American corporations for their monies. Maybe we do need to change the law to become more competitive, but some might be sorry after they are absorbed by others. Without government intervention, our world economy is just a real game of Monopoly, sooner or later one corporation would own everything.

West Texas Intermediate Crude is down to $97.88/barrel.

Fortune, according to the Triangle Business Journal, picked the Raleigh area as the #1 place to do business. What is that about?

The good news for us, we have a good drop in our gasoline and diesel prices, at least for a Friday. Yeh! Gasoline is down by 2.18 cents/gallon at the average rack in Selma. Diesel fuel is down by 2.09 cents/gallon. Prices are:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.00.10 PM

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-Larry Hopkins