Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

Goldman Sachs came out with a positive view on crude. I don’t want to say these wise, rich traders are idiots but they are idiots. It is no coincidence that the US produced over 10 million barrel of crude in November, the most since 1972, the same month OPEC announced their production cuts. The US is eating OPEC’s lunch, more every month they continue with their cuts and it is going to continue. Gasoline moved up by 0.52 cents/gallon. Diesel fuel is up by 1.83 cents/gallon. Crude jumped by $1.24 to $66.08/barrel. Is it possible the analyst at Goldman is being paid by Saudi Arabia for a positive report to keep prices up until they can do an IPO of the country’s oil? The US frackers are building a tsunami wave of oil that will crash against the crude market and OPEC members are going to go down and drown in it. Prices are:

-Larry Hopkins