Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

My apologies to my customers. I had a brief visit to the Wake Heart hospital. My doctor terms my aneurysm as the Monster Aneurism, 74 centimeters, a record for him. Apparently it was the size of a baseball. It took two docs, one to pitch and other to knock it out of the park. Yeah. Together they put a shunt in without having to make any cuts. God bless modern medicine. I walked my dogs around the block a total of .5 miles which is wonderful since I have not been able to do that since Christmas.

I am thanking God and all the docs, their teachers, the nurses, hey I am calling down a blessing on all of the hospital. Many, many thanks.

Gasoline bounced up by 0.08 cents/gallon. Diesel fuel is up by 0.05 cents/gallon. It will not hold. Crude is down by 49 cents/barrel to $60.84. Prices are:

-Larry Hopkins