Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

I tried something new today. Well to me it was new. I started making a grilled cheese sandwich which I like very much. Then I thought I might add a touch of butter to the toast. But then I thought how much I love garlic bread, SO I had a grilled cheese garlic bread sandwich. Man, that was good! Next I want to try pimento cheese garlic bread sandwich, also toasted.

I was thinking today that with all the fracking going on in this country, there is a lot of money being made. Which means the government should be bringing in a lot of tax revenue with oil companies paying taxes and lots of big paychecks from royalties and good jobs. I was wondering what percent of the tax revenue that petroleum  brings in. Refineries have to be the most productive factories around and then drilling rigs, pipelines, trucking and service stations. I would make a bet that our oil industry is the largest tax payer segment of our economy.   I would like to see a list of the largest tax payers in this country. I would find that very interesting.

Gasoline is up by 1.96 cents at the average rack in Selma. Diesel fuel is up by 1.47 cents/gallon. Prices are:


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Have a great day,

-Larry Hopkins