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Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

Gasoline eased up 0.94 cents at the average rack in Selma. (Rack is a supplier). Diesel fuel moved up by 1.09 cents. Prices are: Printable Reports Diesel Prices Unleaded Gasoline with Ethanol Have a great day, -Larry Hopkins

Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

Gasoline is down by a mere 0.90cents but it is down at the average rack in Selma. Diesel fuel slipped by 1.97 cents. Crude is still sitting under $100. Prices are: Printable Reports Diesel Prices Unleaded Gasoline with Ethanol Have a great day, -Larry Hopkins

Brand Crown

CROWN offers a hybrid for the person who wants the benefits of being branded but, also, the freedom to purchase from the lowest unbranded supplier. With CROWN one pays an annual $2,000 franchise fee but is free to pursue any unbranded supplier through Hopkins Oil Company, Inc. For more information, look to the following list: […]

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Thank you for signing up for our Gas/Diesel Price Updates.  The updates are sent out M-F before noon. Occasionally we’ll send out special updates, but these will be relevant to prices.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well!  Have a great day. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook

Welcome to Hopkins Oil

Over Sixty Years of Great Service Hopkins Oil Co. Inc. has enjoyed, over its 60-year term, a tradition of customer service. We provide the highest quality petroleum products, when you want them and at a price you can afford. Providing heating oil and tobacco curing oil is how Hopkins Oil began back in 1946. Today, […]

Thank You for Your Submission!

Thank you for filling out our Convenience Store Prospect form.  The documents below will help you in your decision to build a new convenience store: Single-site Evaluation Tool (SET) Order Formhttp://goo.gl/PNDhY Sample Survey (Site Feasibility Study)http://goo.gl/dL5KE

Commodities Markets Crashing?

Just a heads up: All the commodity markets are crashing. Silver is down 4%, Copper down 3%. Crude is down almost $4.00. I am not sure why. I am hoping the bubble burst on news that unemployment claims jumped up 43K this week. The dollar is strengthening against the Euro based on some remarks by […]