Hopkins Oil Company, Inc.Hopkins Oil Company Fuel Depot

Transport Delivery

Hopkins Oil delivers all of the diesel fuel and gasoline that we sell in Eastern N.C. in our own fleet of Fuel Depot transport trucks, with their distinctive colors of silver, black and gold.

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Heating Oil

Hopkins Oil offers Automatic Fillups and Keepfill services to help you keep your oil levels level; all within your budget.

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Onsite Storage

For Onsite Storage we can provide Construction Tanks with the Centeron wireless monitor, Permanent Site Tanks and Pumps

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More Fuel Services

Mobile Fueling

With our resources, we can provide you with a lower cost solution for your Diesel needs. Mobile Fueling saves you money overall on labor.

The Hopkins Advantage

What people who have worked with us have to say

We at Raleigh Metals have done business with Hopkins Oil for over 2 years that I know of and their business and product is excellent. I would preferred them to anyone.

Calvin FinleyCEORaleigh Metal Recycling

The News & Observer has been associated with Hopkins Oil for all fueling requirements for many years and they have met our fueling needs 24/7. The service we have received has been excellent which is the reason we still use them today. When we outsourced our transportation department we also recommended and asked for Hopkins Oil to provide there fueling needs knowing they would receive the same level of service.

Jodie SpenceCEOThe News and Observer

Hopkins Fuel is the kind of company you actually feel good about doing business with. Their products, prices and delivery are excellent but it’s the stand out personal service that really sets them apart from the larger companies where you just get lost in their database.

John LievenbruckCEOInterstate Batteries of Raleigh Durham

Not being a high-volume Retail operation, you’d expect your supplier to be slow to respond, but that’s not been the case with Hopkins Oil. They fully understand how critical this is to Our needs and treat us as a true ‘partner’, as if we were buying 100,000 gallons a month!

Bob HumphreyIT DirectorJohnson Automotive