exxon-mobile2ExxonMobil is proud of our technological heritage and industry leadership. As in the past and in the future, we will continue to provide you with products which surpass the competition. Take a look at our accomplishments.  More About ExxonMobile Quality (PDF)

  • Exxon Incentive Program: For more information on the ExxonMobile Incentive Program
    click the following link: 2014 Exxon Brand Incentive Program
  • Distributors can now access all their BIP and BGP site information on the ExxonMobil portal in the “Brand Incentive Program” community. This new comprehensive site will allow you to:
    • View details involving each sites’ participation and contract information
    • Be alerted to sites with volume submissions due
    • Submit BIP and BGP volumes online
    • Review past payment history and repayment details
    • The details of each project are extracted from the Pre-authorization you signed to participate.
    • BIP is short for Brand Incentive Payments (rebates, money for branding)
    • For more infomration call Larry Hopkins 919-833-5757.
  • Exxon Material Safety Data Sheets
  • ExxonMobil has been granted more refining patents than any other oil company.
  • Exxon demonstrated Fluid Catalytic Cracking at its laboratories. Commercialized in 1942, it helped provide high octane for the Allied ward effort.
  • Mobil developed the first detergent gasolines in the 1950s.
  • Mobil’s Zeolite Catalyst technology resulted in even greater yields in the 1960s, technology licensed from ExxonMobil by virtually all other refiners since.
  • Exxon invented an evaporative loss control device for cars in 1966 which is still used on virtually all U.S. cars today.
  • Mobil was the first to offer a detergent that cleaned port fuel injectors in 1985, receiving ac- colades from GM and other auto builders.
  • Exxon introduced XCL-12 gasoline detergent in 1986. This patented additive went on to win the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Award in 1993.
  • We’re working on new technology today to bring your customers new advantages from Mobil Super + and Exxon Supreme in the future.