Our wireless gauges call in every morning to our Internet site at 6 a.m., giving us the product level at that time. Our drivers come in at 7:30, read the monitors, looking for the red or yellow alert levels. This tells them which customers are critical to fill today. They go load the trucks and fill the tanks.


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Should a tank level hit an alert level during the day, Operations receives an e-mail:

Tank (2000 off road) has dropped to a level of (17%), 347 Gal. at Raleigh Metal Processors on 2/3/10 09:30 CST

He must decide whether or not the need is critical or if it can wait until tomorrow. If he decides that customer will run out today he can look at his GPS screen to see which driver is closest to the site, dispatching that delivery truck.

After the driver fills the tank, Operations receives a confirmation:

Tank: 2000 ON ROAD at Barbour’s Wrecker generated a Fill alarm at: 02/04/2010 12:00 (CST). The Monitor has indicated a fill amount of: 1491 Gallons (74%).

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