Today’s Gas & Diesel Price Updates

I saw a silver haired elderly lady today that I have seen in my neighborhood for over forty years. I was walking the dogs and she was swiftly gaining on us. She was wearing an elastic wrist brace so seeing how old she was, I tried to make a joke with her and said,’ How is the arm? I guess your tennis is out of the question’.

To which she replied ,’Yes it has been over since my eighty-fifth birthday. I sprained my wrist and now I have arthritis in my wrist so I guess my tennis days are over forever!” Wow! We walked together for several blocks when we separately and she walked off briskly, moving smoothly with grace. My own jolting along gant contrasted with her strongly. She walks thirty minutes a day, one mile. She was slender and in shape. I need to work harder on my own health. I did wonder how long ago her 85th birthday had been.

Prices have moved up  today. Gasoline moved up by 2.57 cents at the average rack in Selma. Diesel fuel is up by 1.28 cents per gallon. Prices are:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.26.31 PM

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Have a great day,

-Larry Hopkins